At this time last year I was beginning the process of selling the house up in Everett and it was sold in two days. By March the deal was closed and just prior to that I began looking for a condominium. Walter Northfield, my real estate broker, sent me hundreds of pictures during that time. Some I kind of liked, some I didn’t, others were too expensive or not in an area I liked. I saw one near Lake Washington that I really liked but it was a Fannie Mae repo and the paperwork was horrendous. At one point, for whatever reason, it went off the market. Then, two days before I was leaving for France in mid-February, it became available again so I decided to go for it and completed mounds of paperwork just before leaving for the airport. When I got back from my trip, Walter informed me that I had missed getting it by 45 minutes and that left me depressed about the entire process. I really wanted to live by Lake Washington at that location. About three weeks went by and Walter sent me a photo of a condo building right next door to the previous one but down the hill closer to the lake. It was only mildly interested but the next morning I decided to call Walter and ask if I could possibly meet him and tour it. I was stunned! It was gorgeous and just what I was looking for. Walter met with the owners broker and even though 38 people were interested and had toured the place, the owner wanted me to have it. That is a story in itself but I got the lower price I requested and the only contingency was that we close in one month. We did just that and by mid-April I took possession of the keys. It is located in Lake Forest Park which is just east of Shoreline and about a mile and a half from my old apartment but in a totally different neighborhood. The building goes down the hill to Lake Washington like a series of steps and no condo has more than one floor above it. I only have one other couple across the hall from me in my view of the lake is fabulous. 

Paula Rippe

We have used Northfield Properties for going on 9 years started with 2 properties added a third recently.  Vacancies are short lived, no more than 2 weeks.  Properties are turned back clean, rents are paid on time.

S & J Hoskinson

I would describe Northfield Properties as Efficient, Knowledgeable & organized.  Tenants have stayed just over 2.5 years on average.  House is cleaner and nicer than most in the neighborhood     

Pat C

Going on 8 years never had a problem with the Arlington rambler.  They seem to manage HOA’s with finesse.  They make it look so easy.

Mark & Connie B